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Various kinds of work have kept me busier than I would have liked these past couple of weeks — the start of the third draft for Welcome to the Fold, the flood of material I've been assembling for (anime/manga/J-culture fans, take note, that's the project I booted up after being booted from, and just a farrago of other goodies. All of it has made for a major indictment of my time-management skills.

I read less than I used to. I hate this. When I do read, it reminds me of how transporting reading is, far more so than watching a movie. Not that my enjoyment of the movies has fallen off, only that I'm becoming acutely conscious of how dissimilar the two experiences are. I'm forcing myself to make more time in the evening to read, and also giving myself more permission to bail on a book I'm not getting anything out of — something I used to never do. Now, I find it's wiser to cut one's losses and move on. Life's short and you aren't being graded on completeness.

In 2007 or so, when I decided to launch Genji Press and make my writing a priority project, I had to figure out what else to cut out of my life. I don't do anywhere nearly as many reviews on this blog anymore, for one, and an auxiliary project I'd launched to try and bring that back to the fore (Science Fiction Repair Shop) has languished. I've gone from wondering what to do about this state of affairs to simply accepting it as one of the parameters of my new way of doing things. There's only 24 hours in a day and only one of me, and no amount of wriggling on the hook changes that.

On the whole, though, it made sense to move what reviews I did write into their own venue, where they can thrive in a format and with an audience that is better suited to them. I always felt like squirreling that stuff away in the back alleys of my blog didn't make much sense, but I was also reluctant to "lose control" of it — an attitude that got reinforced by the experiences I had at, since my time there amounted to precious little in the long run (save for some good contacts made in the industry). But the most important thing is the understanding that there's only so much time, only so much energy, and that I'm best off devoting the bulk of it to the work I know only I can do — my books. Those have to get priority.

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