The Next Big Thing Dept.

With 2015 poking its nose into the tent, it's high time I looked over all I survey and made some decisions about how things are going to go from here. So, a mission rundown for the new year:

  1. Welcome to the Fold should be done sometime around the end of Q1. It has taken the form that it will most likely have on release; now it's just a matter of fine-tuning it and making sure all the little pieces are properly lubricated and revolving.
  2. After that, Perfect Skin. I don't expect to finish a draft of this in the coming year, as the project is still so baggy and protean that it may take some time for it to just come together. But it's the one project of all those I was musing over that has most taken shape and commanded my attention — and, as long as I'm ticking off reasons, has the most relevance to what's going on around us right now.
  3. Most of the energy I have for reviews is now being directed at Ganriki, which means there will be that many less such discussions here. Maybe album reviews, but I'm also reassessing the whole way I write about music as well; I don't like the way I used to go about doing it. If I can find a new angle on talking about music, then it'll be much easier, but I'm not pushing anything.
  4. Science Fiction Repair Shop is also getting scaled back — it'll be one of those things that I tag an occasional post here with, rather than having a formal writing schedule for. It was a fun idea, but let's face it, there was only so much effort 'n energy that could be devoted to it. I will be periodically revising the Non-SF For SF Authors list, though. That's too fun a resource to ignore.
  5. Blogging about a whole variety of subjects will continue apace, but I will try to shake it up a bit and find some other things to gabble about. I tend to get into ruts that take months to burn themselves out, so this will be a way to try and defeat that.
  6. I also owe some reads of works by some colleagues, like Gabriel Squalia's Dead Boys and Zachary Bonelli's Insomnium and Alterra. They had the good grace to read my stuff and speak honestly about it, so they deserve at least that much in return from me as well.
  7. Whatever happens, keep looking for me in the funny papers.

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