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Earlier in the week I noticed someone online using the term "troll it 'till it breaks", in reference to how to respond to some nitwit piece of legislation. Jump on it until the inherent absurdity of what it is becomes exposed by sheer force, and then maybe enough people will wake up that the item in question will be killed. The best way to test something, in other words, is to see where its breaking point lies.

I suspect that the world we're creating for ourselves is one where such test-to-destruction conditions will become a matter of short-term, inevitable course. Put anything out there and within hours to days it'll be pounced on, parodied, overturned, mashed up, connected to everything else under the sun. Anything that can survive such withering scrutiny and such punishing use ought to be good — or, at the very least, worth examining for why it's so resilient.

I forget who said it, but one of the easiest ways you can test how well a given behavior scales is to simply ask: "What if everyone did that?" Trolling 'till it breaks seems like one incarnation of such a thing, although the very presence of the word "troll" tells me it isn't necessarily the noblest such incarnation.

Tags: psychology sociology

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