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Someone in my feed managed to post the single most offensive thing I've seen said about Ferguson et al. since the whole mess started. No, I won't repeat it. ("Whitesplaining" is the best term I can come up with to describe it.) My response to this has been to leave them the heck alone. Forever.

No, I'm not inclined to confront the person in question about this, in big part because I have never been very good at, nor particularly inclined to be good at, rubbing people's noses in their politics. I don't think it changes anyone's mind, for one, and two, it only makes me all the more despondent of the already crummy human condition. Wastes time, annoys the pig.

This person was not terribly important to me, merely someone I had a nodding acquaintance with and had the occasionally congruent tastes in movies, books, etc. I've since learned this means absolutely nothing as far as a person's politics goes. No, I shouldn't say politics. Wisdom would be a better word — it says nothing about how wise they are, how sensitive they are, how intelligent they are in the most all-inclusive sense of that term.

I've been suckered by this before, a number of times, although each time it happens I grow a little more wary. I've learned that being a friend with someone is not something that should be taken lightly. I don't have to like someone just because they read what I read, or even because they're a fan of my own work.

Yes, it helps to have people on the other side of whatever political divide you're on be able to reach you every now and then. But when the divide in question is not one of policy, but one of common decency and good taste, is there any discussion to be had? Other people do not exist to be saved, but co-existed with, and I figure the best co-existence I can manage with this person is to leave them alone. I suspect anything more ambitious than that would simply be self-delusion.

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