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Busy week at work (one which culminated in me getting a company award, my second so far from them!), so not much time for blogging. But the most striking thing of the week so far is me finally getting a handle on how to use Twitter effectively. Here's the short version: use it like a chatroom.

In fact, the very software I settled on to make the most use of this metaphor (Instantbird) treats Twitter like a chatroom in the first place. Each account timeline shows up as if it were an IRC channel. After some pruning of my follow list, it quickly became easy to treat the whole thing as if it were a giant chatroom, if also an occasionally crowded and unruly one.

The real trick was not figuring out who to follow; it's always easy to add people. The hard part was figuring out who to prune. As a rule, most any Twitter account that is little more than an echo of an official website from which you get an RSS feed anyway can be dropped without regret.

That said, I'm still figuring out what belongs where. Moment-to-moment observations, shout-outs to people for off-the-cuff comments, can start on Twitter. But they don't need to only live there. Some of the incidental things I've muttered about there have started to turn up here in vastly expanded form.

And as with most any other medium I don't actually own, I'm always reluctant to commit too much at once to Twitter. I don't know where it's going to be in five years, and for that matter neither does anyone else. All the more reason for me not to invest too heavily in it.

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