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My concern about the trend toward a winner-take-all dynamic is that it enables defense of the status quo over disruptive innovations.

The buzzword disruptive makes me giggle into my Ovaltine just as much as the next person whose eyes have gone a-glazed at too much Silicon Valley / TED talks horse manure.

But let's put that aside and look at the core truth invoked herein: in most walks of life, there's a few at the top and everyone else down below. We take this for granted; we assume it to be the parameters of our reality, rather than just an artifact of the arrangements we allow to persist. Is it any coincidence the frogs at the bottom of the well tend to think the world is narrow, tall, and cylindrical?

The pointier the pyramid gets, the more each of us has to opt for going big or going home. Maybe we should opt instead for going horizontal — for connecting across as many different regions as we can, to look at the specific people who connect with a specific work and think about them as individual cases, instead of as overarching target markets. If the disruption starts anywhere, then, perhaps it starts with each of us trying to look sideways instead of just up or down the same ladder?

Obviously this idea is a work-in-progress, but let's see where it leads.

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