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Yes, I know it's not actually a new year for some folks — that's part of why I'm always reluctant to post such a thing here, weird as that sounds — but it's a new enough year for enough people that I figured some discussion of what awaits me is in order.q

First off, relocating. I haven't talked about this much here, in big part because I've been neck-deep in doing it, but I'm leaving the Northeast and moving to Florida — partly because of cost-of-living, partly because of opportunities, partly because of a whole congress of other stuff I won't go into here. On the whole, it's going to be a good thing, because I'll have a chance to move into a brand spanking new house, put away a lot more money than I've been able to, and perhaps also get more chances to travel. I would like to see a bit more of this country I live in, and this planet I live on, before my mortal coil shuffles on off.

Second: projects. Welcome to the Fold is slowly taking shape — not going to ruin anything just yet, but I will continue to make my usual topical-teaser posts as time goes on. My original goal was to finish it before August, but at this point I'll settle for "before the end of the year sometime", especially since I'm finding that setting dates that revolve around specific events can be problematic. Plus which, I'm growing less enamored of using real-world events as a promotion / debut vehicle anyway.

That brings me to item second-and-a-half: promotion. My current scheme is to get on some more podcasts and other "face-to-face" venues to do this. The better I'm known as a person, and not just a name on a webpage, the better.

Third: games. Opening a wing of this site for game projects and discussion of same (a nice way to also talk about programming). At least one of my game projects will get pushed to completion and published to some platforms, too. More on that later.

Fourth: Gradually ramping things up with, the new anime site I put together after I left One post a week was good for a start, but I'd like to notch that up a bit if I can, and still keep the general tone and flavor of the goings-on. Eventually some of the stuff produced from there may be compiled into, or used to inspire, a book of some kind, but that's still too hazy to say anything definitive about.

My short-term plan with that site is to give it a year, see where it goes, and then assess. I've already gleaned a few things from it that can be applied back to how I look at my own work, which is a great thing. But if it ultimately turns out to be a drain on my time that's better spent elsewhere, I'll either cut it back or cut it loose.

Here's to you and yours for great and greater things this time around the sun.

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