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Purchase on Amazon"Hectic" doesn't begin to describe it. Between starting a new job (come see me at Infoworld), doing some major house renovation, shaking my head at the way the world is turning into the post-capitalist circus Pohl and Kornbluth saw coming as far back 1950-freaking-2 (The Space Merchants; what do you mean you haven't read it?!), and gaping at the most deranged political climate since the Clinton impeachment hearings, it's been downright unreal.

So, obviously, not much bloggo de blog in the interim.

Once things settle down a bit, here's what I plan to be doing:

  • A postmortem analysis of Flight of the Vajra. I plan to make a regular feature out of such dissections, where I look at the work and analyze my rationalizations for why I did things a certain way (and how they often ended up having an effect contrary to my intentions). It's an exercise that will give you a look into my creative process, and help keep me honest in turn.
  • The reviews section has languished, in big part because About.com takes up most of my time in that respect, and because I've frankly lost interest in just talking about something for the sake of talking about it, except when something really grabs me (which is rare when you're harried). I still want to do more Science Fiction Repair Shop stuff, but I'm not likely to write up something about every single one of the Zatoichi movies when the Criterion boxset comes out. Much as such a romp would be quite romp-ish, it's hard to cough up the motivation for such a mammoth project knowing full well there's more, y'know, relevant things I could be doing. Maybe by the time the dust has quit flying around I'll think differently about it all, but right now, don't bank on it.
  • Discussion of the new book, Welcome to the Fold (sorry, no subsite yet), which I'll be conducting in much the same manner as the Vajra ramp-up discussion. Rather than spill the whole can of beans at once, I'll mention what the themes are, and then ease into a full discussion of the book over time by circling those themes and seeing where that takes me. Vajra was unquestionably a book about the far future, but Fold is about the here and now, so that immediately makes for a different breed of talk.

I'll try to post more this weekend; there's a number of interesting discussion posts stacking up in my outbox.

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