Flight of the Vajra: Third Time's The Charm

A third version of the cover art:

I think this is about as close to final as it gets.

I've left out the mini-blurbs for the time being ("A Romance of the Far Future", etc.) mostly as a way to keep the cover clean. There might be some blurbage along the top, which would force me to reposition other things slightly, but I think this one's about baked.

For contrast, the first two designs:

And one more goodie, a promo using Turid Aarstad's quote. My idea was to create something like a lobby card or one sheet for the book, as if it were a movie being teased:

I'm planning on using that one on ad cards for distribution at cons and such later this year, along with this "pocket protomic reference card" (another bit of in-universe tomfoolery):

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