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Some of you have noticed by now that a lot of things are broken around Chez Genji as of late. I'm in the middle of what is turning out to be a very unhappy migration between host accounts — not because of the hosts, per se, but because of my own stupid decisions that I thought would save time in the long run but are turning out to be pains in the tuchis in the short run. Expect to see a lot of things broken for the time being, although commenting and articles themselves should continue to work fine. If they don't, just get on your rooftop and face towards New York and yell. I've got the window open.

I'm still struggling with the workload imposed by About.com, some new-ish freelance gigs, and another opportunity that might turn into something fulltime which I can't talk about quite yet. Hence, again, the lack of new material. That and I have been trying to redirect what spare time I do have into some long-term projects which have languished badly. I've decided that seeking out fun new stuff to talk about is nice, but not nearly as rewarding in the long run as creating fun new stuff. There's plenty of people out there blogging about so many of the things I talk about, but there's only one of me making something that wasn't there before — and so I'd rather give the latter that much more time and attention.

So, there probably won't be a whole lot of me posting about the new Takashi Miike movie or what have you — it isn't that I don't find those things interesting, but that I just feel my time's going to be better served working on stuff that's truly my own. I may still pop up from time to time with something that arrived in the mail, but only if I feel like I have something useful and interesting to say about it. "Check this out, you'll like it" just seems so, well, thin. Hence the capsule format, etc., which was part of a way of clearing out a backlog of stuff I'd meant to say something about but could never find the time — so I just took the 100 or so words that mattered and posted those. And even with that format, I find I have that much less to talk about anyway. C'est étrange. (That's Old Low German for "Who'd'a thunk it?")

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