Get Backers Dept.

Or, I Survived Otakon And I Got A Lot More Than A Lousy T-Shirt.

Every show's a fun show if you bring the right things to it. I brought myself, my friend Dan, a sense of humor, bottled water, meal bars, protein shakes, hand sanitizer, double changes of clothing, a digital camera, and a wad of cash scraped from a few secret savings. Oh, and my books, although I found out at the last minute that hocking those was going to take a serious backseat to some work related to the Really Cool Thing I Can't Talk About Just Yet. I sold a whopping total of one copy.

At least the guy who pulled the fire alarm on Saturday had the good sense to wait until I was done watching the premiere of Welcome to the Space Show. Between this and Summer Wars, we apparently have not one but two Miyazaki-esque instant classics to look forward to.

More when I'm not lagged.

Tags: Otakon conventions travel

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