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Disappearing Act Dept.

First rumor dispelled: I haven't died.

I have, however, been dealing with some rather crazy personal-life stuff, the details of which I won't go into here. (Those of you who know me slightly better than casually, you know what I'm talking about; no need for me to repeat myself.) All this stuff, on top of the workload I found myself facing this month, conspired to make it difficult for me to do more than get up, work, go to the bathroom less often than I'd like, sleep every now and then, and maybe eat as well.

Not my idea of fun. Not my idea of work, or even existing. But I'm still here and twitching, so I guess that counts. I'll pick up my medal later.


  • I still don't know what's up with the Really Great Thing I Can't Talk About Yet. I would like to be able to say something one way or another before this month is out, but it isn't for me to say. Continue holding your breath for me, if you would.
  • I've put Underground Sun aside for a little bit and will let my thoughts on the book continue to percolate through the rest of the summer. My current (revised) plan is to begin re-editing the book through the fall and winter, and maybe bring it back out sometime next spring or so. I might even shelve it entirely during November and work on Something Else during that time (no prizes for guessing in what capacity).
  • A slew of fine books came in through the review pipeline: Chi's Sweet Home #1-2, Peepoo Choo (I remain convinced Ed Chavez @ Vertical, Inc. has one of the top three jobs in the world if even part of his work is to seek out this stuff and make it ours), the new Black Jack, a set of three-in-one reprints for Mushishi, and Criterion's issue of Nagisa Oshima's Pleasures of the Flesh, which whenever it is mentioned I am contractually bound to ask for an English translation of its source novel (by none other than ninja-mythology-maker Fūtaro Yamada), and ... crap, the pile next to the desk just fell over.
  • There's allegedly going to be an Android 2.1 release for my Moto Cliq XT sometime later this year, which had damn well better fix these stupid "oh, I can't pick up the phone, I'm too busy spinlocking" issues. Among other things.
  • I'd really like for a few shoes to drop, the sooner the better.

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