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I still can't talk publicly about the Potentially Great Thing that may or may not be happening — both because I'm not sure I can, and because I'm kinda anxious about jinxing a good thing. All I'll say s that if, if, this goes through, it'll mean I'll be getting paid cash moneys to do something fandom-related.

Again: if.

Some updates in the meanwhile.

  • The Underground Sun is creeping very, very slowly to a close. I am astonished at how difficult it is to just get this thing put to bed, and that means it's growing increasingly unlikely I'll have it in anything like a readable form for AnimeFest 2010. That's a bad blow to me, because that's traditionally the place I've debuted all my new work. But, I have NYAF a month and change after that, so by that point it ought to be more than done. At the very, very least, I will have promotional material — cards, a chapter sampler — available for A'fest. I'm dead set on giving people something to read for the new book, which means getting the terrible traffic jam of those first few chapters sorted out is a priority in the editing process. I've never worked on a book that was this obstinate to simply declare itself and just let me write it already.
  • The next book after this one is already taking shape. It is, tentatively, The Number of Magic, which like The Four-Day Weekend is based loosely on people I knew in real life but is an entirely different flavor of story. It's about a circle of folks who have markedly different belief systems — "conventional" religions, paganism/Wicca, and atheist/none of the above — but also have strong friendships because of, or maybe sometimes in spite of, all that. (If it all sounds like a bad TV show, please bear in mind the idea is not completely formed yet and it's hard to stump for something that's still taking shape. The idea is always more interesting when it's still up in your own head.)
  • A really wonderful blog post by graphic designer Sam Smyth, about all the different iterations he did for the Criterion edition of Everlasting Moments. I went through a very similar toss-and-test operation for the covers for Summerworld and The Four-Day Weekend, and Smyth does an excellent job of talking about finding just the right image to sum up the film.

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Next: Bent Dept.

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