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Well, that was short-lived. After barely three weeks of use, my brand-new Motorola Cliq XT Android phone decided to turn into a desk paperweight. A service call to T-Mobile ended with "Let's cross-ship you a new phone", so I can't fault them for being customer-friendly.

What does it say that in the space of three or so years I've gone from a phone that survived a face-down trip on my driveway and ran for days at a time on a charge to one that had to be treated with the reverence of a holy relic lest I mess up the touch screen — and died of its own accord anyway? And that took longer to boot up and make phone calls than my desktop computer?

If this is the future of telecommunications, I'll go back to tin cans and strings.

At least I had the sense to save the old Nokia, which despite its cosmetic damage and relative lack of snazz is still a functional little warhorse. And gets better reception than the Moto did. Oh, irony.

Tags: fail technology

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