Between Tides Dept.

(Title is a Controlled Bleeding reference.)

  • I just grabbed the new Windows Live Writer beta, released literally only minutes ago. So far it's pretty good — it uses the new Office 2007+ ribbon interface, something that's been trickling into the Live Essentials apps one by one. Still looking forward to the full release version for all that fit-and-finish stuff, but the beta's usable. MS's recent public betas have all been extremely stable, just not always feature-finished. Case in point: Windows 7 itself, which was stable enough in its first public beta that many people (me included) were using it on production systems within a month of its release, and haven't looked back since.
  • Another movie I confess having a goony, adolescent fascination with, Ralph Bakshi's Wizards, has been released on the other side of the pond in a region-free Blu-ray. No word about a Stateside release, though, but I imagine the all-region BD market will be fruitful enough to dip into from time to time as taste and budget permit.
  • Picked up a go app for my 'Droid phone and found to my utter humiliation that I cannot beat the machine even at the lowest setting on a 9×9 grid. Hikaru Shindo would laugh in my face. Obviously this problem must be rectified ... in time.
  • The July issue of Sight & Sound does the Kurosawa thing. (Don't forget the upcoming Eclipse set!)
  • Got the new Black Lagoon volume under my belt. Review coming shortly.
  • Vertical has copies of Chi's Sweet Home out to reviewers but mine hasn't shown up. Cat lover that I am, this series is mandatory, but it wouldn't be the first time stuff got lost in the mail on its way to me.
  • Something else really excellent is in the works but it's not a sure thing, so I can't talk about it yet.

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