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Purchase on AmazonPurchase on AmazonReview material, sent my way or purchased, for which detailed reviews will probably appear before long. Here's my quick-and-dirty rundown of what's currently in the bag ...

Audition, Ryu Murakami — yes, this is the novel that was adapted into the legendarily perverse Takashi Miike horror film. If it's anything like Murakami's other excursions into this territory it should be a good 'un — I read In the Miso Soup not long ago (American serial killer ends up in Japan, oddly heartfelt material mixed with splatterpunk) and this seems like a brother in spirit. And what idiot designed the horrible sub-manga-style artwork for the Kindle edition?

Afterschool Charisma, Kumiko Sekane — the manga-ka behind one of the Blood+ spinoffs has an original story about a high school populated entirely by clones of historical figures. On first read, it plays off a lot better than such a premise might indicate — it could have been offensive and stupid (which was how Axis Powers Hetalia came off to me) but manages to be snappily entertaining if nothing else.

Black Lagoon #9, Detroit Metal City #5 — no introduction needed. If you know 'em, odds are you love 'em. American live-action remakes of both of these franchises seem like they should be inevitable.

From Haikasoru: Slum Online, Hiroshi Sakurazaka — from the author of All You Need Is Kill (thumbs way up) comes a story about life lived online. Looks intriguing and doubly timely. Also, The Next Continent, Issui Ogawa — from the author of Usurper of the Sun (thumbs up too) comes another space story about a Japanese effort to create a moon base suited for civilian use. Also timely given Japan's recent talk about setting up a robot moonbase.

FUNimation also sent over four flicks from their recent licensing deal with Celestial Pictures and their Shaw Brothers kung-fu catalog: Shaolin Handlock, 14 Amazons, Opium and the Kung-fu Master, Hong Kong Godfather. Haven't seen any of these before as far as I know, but they're all remastered from camera negatives (HK Technicolor looks great on DVD).

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