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Critical Criterion Dept.

Criterion's new wave of titles has been posted!

  • First and most crucial: Early Kurosawa. A box set featuring both Sanshiro Sugata films, The Most Beautiful, and The Men Who Tread On The Tiger's Tail. These have not been available on DVD with English subs except in rather weak Hong Kong import editions, so to have them in good pressings here is a blessing.
  • "Three Silent Classics by Josef von Sternberg features the Oscar winners Underworld and The Last Command and the atmospheric masterpiece The Docks of New York, with new scores."
  • "We also have a pair of documentaries from Terry Zwigoff (his delightful debut, Louie Bluie, and the landmark Crumb), the searing first film from Maurice Pialat (L’enfance nue), and Blu-ray and DVD editions of Black Orpheus..." The last one will be well worth seeing on BD; even the old DVD edition was dazzling to behold.

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