Blu-deodrome Dept.

The next wave of Criterion Blu-rays is up for pre-order, and they're doozies.

The first two are mine, mine, mine. Antichrist I checked out courtesy of NetFlix streaming, and I can see why people think it's pretentious trash. I'm still sifting through my feelings about the movie, so I may end up posting something when the BD is finally out.

Seven Samurai requires no defense from me. I have an older review of it, but I'm not especially happy with it, and I'm probably going to revisit it from top-to-bottom. Criterion has apparently been busting king-sized hump to make this edition a for-the-ages piece of work, now that they have access to Toho's vaulted camera negatives for all Kurosawa's product.

I also plan to revisit Videodrome, which was either the first Cronenberg movie I ever watched or just felt like it was.

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