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Three words: Bleach live-action.

A U.S. remake. A U.S. live-action remake, exec produced by the same man who gave us Get Smart and 50 First Dates.

There are so many things wrong with this picture, I might well exhaust the disk space allotment on my web host by talking about them.

I'll gloss over the fact that Tite Kubo has gone on record stating he doesn't think a live-action version is feasible, because I suspect he's not even the one in charge of how his material is adapted. The problem is, again, everything that made the original what it was — good, bad or indifferent — is tied to its milieu in ways that cannot be duplicated effectively elsewhere.

You could make something similar to it, with some of the same basic plot tropes in a Western context — just don't call it Bleach. But with that you lose all the instant name-recognition of the project, which is really what this is all about anyway: capitalizing on a name.

I haven't been having the greatest of days to begin with, but this has all the auspiciousness of finding a dead dog in your car's back seat.

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