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Interesting piece about Warner Brothers' new head:

Jeff Robinov Slowly Alters the ‘Warner Way’ at the Studio - NYTimes.com

Purchase on AmazonObviously the DC stuff is of big interest to me (and most everyone else who probably reads this). I was dismayed Watchmen didn't cross over / break out as aggressively as it might have, although I suspect it's going to be one of those pictures people savor much more in the long run, when they realize just how few movies of that particular flavor ever get made at all.

The folks at Warners have been favorites of mine for some time now — both for the way they've lavished love on home video versions of titles and for the way they've stuck their necks out a bit more than some other folks. They gave the go-ahead to make The Matrix; they worked with New Line Cinema to get Lord of the Rings into theaters; they gambled on Watchmen and are now carefully making the rest of the DC Comics properties into big things. Things have, I hope, changed a great deal since Tim Burton's ill-fated time in their salt mines, when he tried (tried) to bring Superman back into theaters and walked off in disgust when they wouldn't let him do his thing.

... So, Jeff! Guin Saga? Hey, a man can dream.

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