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Further comment on the Google/China thing:

Nart Villeneuve — Google’s New Approach

The [Great Firewall of China] doesn’t have to be 100% technically effective, it just has to serve as a reminder to those in China about what content is acceptable and that which should be avoided. The objective is to influence behaviour toward self-censorship, so that most will not actively seek out banned information of the means to bypass controls and access it.

This is something many people seem to forget. There are plenty of places where the concept of "information wants to be free" (I admit, I cringe typing those words) isn't part of the general atmosphere.

I once got into an argument with someone about the concept of "internal resistance", a notion that's best summed up by someone who says "I was always secretly against the Nazis," or something of that ilk. The other person was of the opinion that if someone didn't manifest resistance to unjust authority, no matter what the circumstances, they were being cowardly. I told him that he was speaking from a position of moral comfort that most people never have the luxury of basking in in the first place, and the fact that he couldn't even see that was doubly annoying.

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