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Dark Horizons | News | Gary Whitta Talks "Akira" Remake - December 13th 2009

"I haven't worked on it for about a year ... We were going to adapt the whole six-episode graphic novel" says Whitta.

He adds that he got notes from Otomo while working on the script, but his work "was very, very preliminary. We did a couple of drafts of the script but, when I was there at least, it never got wrapped up to the point where I think he would get really hands on."

Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby now have scripting duties on the project...

Purchase on AmazonI haven't been holding my breath for this one. Not least of all because the animated film really was everything a project like this needed to be, and any Western remake just promises to be too far removed from the original to be worth the same name.

A big part of what made the original work was its origins, setting and milieu — what it evoked, and where it evoked it from. You can't just move that arbitrarily to "New New York" or something of that ilk without losing a lot. Maybe their idea was to have a kind of post-9/11 NYC vibe as a substitute for the neo-Hiroshima disaster in the original story, but the two aren't interchangeable.

Purchase on AmazonI'm in the middle of reading the newly-republished edition of the original manga — look for a full writeup on that soon-ish. Rereading it reminded me of just how jaundiced a view the story has of humanity — that no species so preoccupied with status, petty territorial disputes and other egomania deserves to evolve into anything better. Which, now that I think about it, isn't all that outlandish.

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