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In an announcement for the merger between Lorber HT Digital and Kino International, it was revealed that Kino is planning to release the recently restored version of Fritz Lang's legendary silent film 'Metropolis' in theaters next year, followed by a Blu-ray release. No word on a release date, but the film is currently scheduled to be revealed at the Classic Film Festival in April.

The previous restoration lacked a number of scenes which had been lost or irreparably damaged since its original 1927 release. Recently, a complete version of the film was found, though in poor condition, and work was conducted to fully restore the film to its original cut. Due to the dedication of many film professionals, only a single scene remains "lost" today.

Did someone say in theaters?

The last time I saw the movie on a big screen was when the Girgio Moroder-scored, color-tinted version was released (1986 or so). I'd love to see that version re-released as well, if only for the sake of comparison.

Now, about the merger ... I hope it's Kino that end up being the winners in this deal, as I have been (cough) less than thrilled with the Lorber releases I've seen in the past. Kino's best works have only been second to Criterion in their finesse.

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