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A couple of new movie features are back from the archives. At kende sandheden (Facing The Truth) [2004/08/08], Blood: the Last Vampire [2006/09/09] (this is the original animated feature, which deserves to be back online before I look at the live-action version), and Le samouraï [2003/10/20].

If you've been wondering why this material has been coming back online in such a haphazard fashion, it's only because a) I do a lot of going back and forth about which ones are really worth reposting and b) I tend to go by priority rather than chronology. There was a lot of junk, a lot of stuff not worth reprinting, and — probably most embarrassing of all — a lot of good movies that I wrote very poor reviews of, and which I don't feel compelled to rewrite because my mind is now elsewhere. I'm trying to look forward, not back.

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