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Stupid stats system. Somehow — don't ask how — the reporting and log analysis software for the site went teacups-up and stopped gathering data back in April. I aargh'ed a bit, downloaded the raw stats logs and crunched some numbers to find out what articles have been popular.

Color me surprised:

  1. Spirited Away
  2. The Last Unicorn
  3. The Black Cauldron
  4. Princess Mononoke
  5. Guin Saga Manga #1
  6. Almost Transparent Blue
  7. Guin Saga Manga #2
  8. Sword of Doom
  9. Machine Girl
  10. Berserk (DVD)

Summerworld, Tokyo Inferno and The Four-Day Weekend are all in the top ten as well (which is as it should be!)

Nice that Unicorn and Cauldron get attention, since they both need it. Re: Cauldron, Disney scarcely did anything as interesting since, although the ante's been re-upped now that they're getting back into the 2D animation game. (Why they ever left is proof that nobody working in Hollywood can remember anything that happened before What They Did Last Summer.) And while it's great that the Guin Saga manga are getting attention, the novels seriously need more love.

On top of everything else the category bindings also seem to have barfed. I rebuilt those, so you no longer get redirected to broken pages when you try to click a top-level category. Then again, if this stuff worked all the time, I wouldn't have much to write about, would I?

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