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As much as I hate Quicktime (slow, crummy implementation, takes forever to launch, Apple can't write Windows apps to save their lives), I nevertheless end up going to the Quicktime movie trailers site to get my fix of what's coming out in the future.

And as of right now, the crop of future releases is pretty eye-popping.

  • Ong-Bak 2. The numbering for the sequel is spurious — it's a prequel, if anything at all — and the chaos surrounding the production is even more dismaying. But my god, if this shapes up to be what the trailers and clips make it out to be, this could be the gonzo martial-arts movie we've been waiting for since Jackie Chan quietly hung it all up (or since Bruce Lee died, if you want to really push it).
  • Astro-Boy. It looks wonderful, and most importantly it seems to have captured at least a soupçon of the spirit of the original story, too. This one I plan to see in theaters, although I may forego the 3D experience for the 2D one.
  • The Crazies. I managed to see George Romero's underrated little creeper a long time ago (I liked it, along with his other underrated masterpiece Martin). If the trailer's to be trusted (IF), it looks like they took the premise seriously enough to make a good movie from it. One can hope.
  • Red Cliff.

    ... Do I even need to explain this one?
  • Zombieland. Many friends have already seen it and recommended it; it has much the same flavor as Shaun of the Dead — e.g., played for wit and human comedy and not gore/splatter, and all the better for it.
  • Inception. What few details that have trickled out about this film make it sound, of all things, like Paprika. The teaser inspired a very different reading of the film from my end.
  • Pandorum. I could have sworn I saw trailers for this quite a while back, but I might have been thinking of the French SF production Eden Log, which seems to eerily resemble this in more than just spirit.
  • Bronson. Nicholas Winding Refn's new production, which looks like an even more unhinged version of Chopper (which I was greatly impressed by). This one goes more for being openly surreal, it looks like.

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