Flying Pigs, Again Dept.

Great news from Discotek! They've just announced they've picked up Sea Prince and Fire Child, aka Shirisu no Densetsu, for a U.S. release. This is one of those lost titles that I've been hoping would be rescued from Licensing Limbo, and it looks like our prayers have not gone unheard. I'd even picked up an import copy (it wasn't that expensive, actually), but without English subs it languished on my shelf and will now probably find a new home.

Also coming out from Discotek: Burning Paradise, a truly insane adventure flick that's like a Hong Kong swipe of Temple of Doom. I had peeked at a German PAL import copy of this flick years before, but I'll wait for Discotek's remaster; it'll probably be more than worth the wait.

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