A Bone To Pick With History Dept.

A little disinformation goes a long way. Remember the brouhaha about Hitler's bones not really being his? Turns out it's pretty much guff:

Op-Ed Contributor - Hitler’s Jaws of Death - NYTimes.com

Purchase on AmazonI spent a few years reading alt.revisionism and getting to know the mindset of the Paranoid Style a good deal better than I ever anticipated. It was depressing to see a remarkable number of people who were otherwise not stupid, but would do the most backbreaking contortions of logic to avoid admitting to simple facts. Yes, hydrogen cyanide is very toxic to humans. Yes, the word vergasungskeller means "gassing cellar". Yes, the Nazis committed mass murder on a scale that is almost impossible to comprehend from the outside. Small wonder some people would instinctively reject it.

I later found out some of those same people simply didn't care what the truth was. What mattered more was what they could make other people believe. In short, what they were claiming was simply a way for them to obtain power over others in the guise of being a messenger of the truth.

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