Just Up That Dirt Road Dept.

The short-term plan is simple: Finish Tokyo Inferno, send it to the printer's, sell it at AnimeFest, return home, take three stiff drinks and sleep for a week. And then?

Take the rest of the year off.

By that, I mean take the rest of the year off any writing projects. No future novel work, no NaNo (sorry, gang, it's just not happening), and no outlining/planning.

One thing I do plan to do is bring the rest of the Genji Press site back up to speed. Now that I found my old site archive I can restore the good material and finally forget about all the frankly adolescent junk that doesn't deserve enshrinement anywhere. Blogs are ephemeral and mutable; they're the first draft of things that may or may not be saved, and I've felt a great deal less loss than I might have at having much of what I wrote in it vanish overnight. Much of it was the product of an earlier phase of my life that I'm not lamenting having closed the door on.

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