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Time for a little Amazon backtracking!

The live-action version of the outstanding Mushi-shi is headed Stateside! Right now all we get is the regular DVD, but this had better be a candidate for a Blu-ray release at some point. Incidentally, if you haven't seen the show, it's available free and legit on FUNimation's website, and I cannot recommend it enough for those of you interested in something beautiful and different.

Onéchanbara was not as outlandish as Tokyo Gore Police or Machine Girl, but it certainly got the job done in terms of Bikini-Wearing Zombie Slayer Chicks. I hear a sequel is already on the way Over There.

Another blast from the past, Stunt Rock! I remember seeing this extremely odd-looking flick languishing in a corner of my local mom-'n'-pop video store (which also rented LaserDiscs, god bless their hearts), and while I never did rent it, I also never quite forgot about it. I think the fact that the box plastic had gone yellow with age and the cover art looked like it had been left out in the sun for a few years kinda turned me off. But buzz says it's an Aussie Indie that deserves a closer look throughout the rest of the world.

Three movies featuring Tony Jaa. Enough said. Especially now that we have the U.S. trailer for Ong-Bak 2 in Glorious QuickTime (well, not quite so glorious once you've spent two hours trying to figure out how to export a clip in that damn format).

We still need Pi in HD, but for now we have Requiem for a Dream. Great price, too.

Something tells me this doesn't really belong in the same category as Onéchanbara. Let alone the same room.

The Korean movie industry has seemed a bit moribund lately — or maybe that's just because I haven't followed it as closely as I should have after my import-DVD-rental account was closed. But here's an item that looks intriguing: Murder, Take One. "A woman is killed in a hotel room. The ensuing police investigation is conducted in front of TV cameras for the entire country to watch as it unfolds." (If it's in the vein of most other biting Korean social satires, sign me up.)

Kitano goes Blu!

A new printing of one of my favorite movies of all time. To my immense surprise, I was able to find my long-missing review in an archive of old web content, but one glance at it convinced me a rewrite was mandatory: it's really bad. Fawningly, fulsomely horrible. Expect a newly-rewritten review that actually talks about the movie to surface at some point.

... okay, with a title like Zombie Hunter Rika, how can you go wrong? Well, I dunno. Quite wrong, possibly. Perhaps even very, very wrong indeed. We'll see.

Another intriguing-looking Korean horror (satire?), The Butcher. (And to think I still haven't seen Teenage Hooker Became Killing Machine in Daehakroh. Must remedy that.)

And Versus goes back to the replicator YET AGAIN! But no HD version. Yet.

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