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Blame obesity on mass food production and the cost, in terms of time involved, to make meals:

Magazine Preview - Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch -

Sayonara, Mr. Fatty! hinted at many of the same things, too — and these are things I've suspected for a while but found difficult to articulate. We've made it surpassingly easy to overeat, to surround ourselves with calorically-dense but nutritionally-meager food, and to assume that such things can be substitutes for more time-established eating habits. (My mother has a rule about meals: you can eat as much as you like when you're at the table, but forget about snacks unless it's something like crudities.)

Purchase on AmazonAmong the other things Vertical sent me recently — and which I didn't review if only because I didn't feel I was competent to speak about them at the time — were a series of cookbooks by celebrity chef Kentaro Kobayashi. He emphasizes ease of preparation, but even an "easy" self-prepared meal is still that much more work than something you pull out of the freezer and stick in the microwave. And probably better for you on all counts.

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