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Saya is 16 and has been 16 for a very long time. What’s interesting about teenage vampires, such as the hero of “Twilight,” is that they’re frozen in time while old enough to be sexy but too young to have developed a complex sensibility. Apparently, your maturation is put on hold along with your appearance, since Saya is 400 years old.

Three stars from Brother Roger, which is about what I figured (my low-ball figure for him on this one was 2½). I've been looking forward to B:TLV for a while now, if only because it might kick open the doors for other, bigger and even more ambitious projects (VAMPIRE HUNTER D PLEASE THANK YOU).

But he saves the real praise this week for The Hurt Locker, which goes on my very short list:

I wonder if a lot of “Transformer” lovers would even be able to take“The Hurt Locker.” They may not be accustomed to powerful films thatpound on their imaginations instead of their ears.

Or to paraphrase Hitchcock: If Transformers is the bomb under the table that goes off, Hurt Locker is the one that ticks and ticks and ticks.

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