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Big Man Japan comes to American shores at last! By all accounts it's hilarious and highly recommended.

A new DVD edition of a truly odd little movie, The 10th Victim, adapted from Robert Sheckley's almost-similarly-titled novel and curiously true to its black-comedy-of-martial-marital-manners roots. A modern-day update of this flick would be fun to see, but as Oscar Brotman once said, satire is what opens on Friday and closes on Saturday.

Oh! My Zombie Mermaid gets points for having the best title ever. I also hear tell it's one of the more berserk things released Out East as of late, which as you can probably guess is saying one hell of a lot.

Masahiro Kobayashi's intriguing-looking Bootleg Film (from 1998) comes out domestically thanks to Facets. Also features J-film regular Akira Emoto.

Death Trance is also set to come out in a Blu-ray+DVD combo pack, as well as each in separate SKUs.

I forgot to mention Criterion's issue of the epic three-part The Human Condition starring none other than the inimitable Tatsuya Nakadai. The previous Milestone Films edition (was it them? I'm not sure) was okay, but Criterion hasn't let me down yet with these types of sets.

Don't forget to snap up the Sleepy Eyes of Death set, either.

You know, I remember seeing this thing on cable TV when I was a wee tot, but don't remember a thing about it. Was it actually worth a Synapse Films-style from-the-vault restoration?

Samurai Champloo comes back from the dead (no thanks to Geneon, but thanks to Funimation). Any chance of an HD issue?

Akio Jissoji goes berserk on us all over again with Marquis De Sade's Prosperities of Vice.

Kinji Fukasaku Jr. picks up the pieces after his abysmal Battle Royale sequel and his entertaining if goofy Sukeban Deka live-action production for X-Cross. I'll have to ask Meredith if she's seen this one.

Andy Kaufman's sidelong giggle at My Dinner With André (now getting a Criterion edition), My Breakfast With Blassie, finally hits DVD. Not that too many of us were holding our breath, mind you, but I wound up hearing about this perplexing bit of cross- and self-referencing comedy back when Steve P.'s Shock Cinema site was still hosted on, and it stuck in my head like a piece of shrapnel. Inspired Dadaist comedy or total timewaster? Now You Decide!

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