Uncharted Territory Dept.

Sorting through the welter of ideas in my head is a little like playing billiards with balls made out of Silly Putty. Sometimes you sink 'em, sometimes they bounce off each other forever, and sometimes they get stuck.

Consider the hero story. Last time I checked in with it, it's been trying to merge with another item I doped out a mini-treatment for. The short-short version: The eight million gods are all really one god, but even he doesn't know that, and he's going to need some help from "mere mortals" to get it together.

Originally the two ideas had nothing to do with each other. And now that they've spent enough time zinging around between my ears, they're threatening to become the same damn thing. Unfortunately that still doesn't mean an actual story framework, so it's still on the level of a map with no grid lines.

I shall have more as soon as there is ... more to have.

Tags: creativity hero writing

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