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Tak (Versus) Sakaguchi's Samurai School is headed our way! Hilarious by all accounts — and hey, he could be in a four-hour documentary about peat moss and I'd watch it. You know, punching it and stuff. (He was also in Death Trance, now in Blu-ray, which is achievement enough for most people.)

Another Shock Cinema discovery now back in the land of the living: Combat Shock, in its full 100-minute director's cut incarnation (aka American Nightmares). Yeowtch.

The ×××-cellent ×××HOLiC now has a first season set. More on the way, especially since the manga itself is still ongoing in Japan.

Harvey Keitel's crowning moment of sleaze, Bad Lieutenant, back on the streets and as vile as ever.

The second half of Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit hits shelves soon.

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