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Purchase on AmazonI spent part of the weekend getting caught up on both writing and reading. Tokyo Inferno for the former, and Berserk for the latter. The more of it that comes out, the more I see what they mean about this being its creator's "life's work" — it contains a world-view, a cosmology, a philosophy of life and death and everything in between. I had to wonder what, if anything, Kentaro Miura would come up with after this.

I had trouble not thinking of Mishima's comments about the Sea of Fertility tetraology — his "major work", after which there was nothing left to do but go die as spectacularly as possible. Somehow I don't see Miura doing anything of that caliber, but it's clear he has invested so much of himself into this that it's difficult to see what comes next.

Even he probably doesn't know that. I'd be willing to bet that by the time he's done, he will see things that much more differently than when he'd started — and that, in turn, will mean he will be able to turn his attention to something else. It would be distressing for him to think there was nothing more to be done — even after finishing something of Berserk's caliber.

If Miura drops dead before finishing it, I'll chase his ass into the next world and beat the rest of it out of him.

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