Eyezapoppin' Dept. (Guin Saga Anime, Anyone?)

Purchase on AmazonThe Guin Saga anime has appeared. And from what I can tell, it is good. I don't think an American licensing deal has been set up yet, but I'd bet the phone lines between the U.S. and Japan are burning up right about now for the sake of one. For now, we have the novels to keep us busy (and the untranslated manga, too), but I'm already filling a jar with change for when the DVD / BD comes out domestically.

That said, the show looks a little something about like .... this:

The city of Parros, under attack.

A last-ditch effort to save the Twin Pearls of Parros, Rinda and Remus...

...by magically teleporting them far and away...

A most unexpected savior.

Rinda and Remus at their makeshift encampment in the Roodwood.

Guin senses terrible danger afoot.

The first steps towards freedom.

And now I'll go home and change.

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