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Nice piece in the Philly Inquirer about Samuel R. Delaney:

To sci-fi and beyond | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/05/2009

Dhalgren marks a transition between Delany's earlier and later works, which deal more directly and aggressively with social power.Myths, Delany believes, are "committee constructs" written by many hands and approved by the powers that be, which means they tend to be a conservative force."Myth is what society can bear to tell about itself," says Delany. "But usually, what's far more important is what the myth leaves out, the things society can't bear to talk about or face."
That last bit stuck in my head as potential hero story material. I have not been actively working on that project since Tokyo Inferno kicked off, but it's still in the back of my head, annoying me as it must.

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