Weekend-end Dept.

I spent most of the weekend sneezing my fool head off. Good thing I didn't try to get into a car, as had been my original plan. I regret not getting to WF, but I have to be forward-looking. I tell myself that next time around, I will have even more to offer, and it's almost certainly true. As a by-product of that, however, I have signed copies of my books in stock once again, and the price is now $20 inclusive of shipping to the continental U.S. (Foreign orders slightly higher. Ask.)

A bunch of review goodies came in over the weekend, which I will be plowing through and writing about in the usual fashion. However, I'm trying to step back and make more time for book work and my own review material — stuff like El Norte or Watcher in the Attic or The Geisha, all things I've watched recently and haven't had time to talk about. (I hate relegating these things to a simple capsule review, because the more I talk about them the more I find there is that much more to say in the first place. It's like throwing away a blank notebook that you've only written in for a few pages.)

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