Genji Press: Projects: Tokyo Inferno Update With MAJOR SPOILERS!

I haven't posted for a bit about what's happening with the new novel, Tokyo Inferno. I ought to, since I now have more good news than I can shake a fistful of sticks at. The story's back on track — and better yet, it's reached a milestone for its internal structure.

For a long time the exact questions at the heart of the story eluded me. Now, this past morning, it all snapped together.

For the sake of those who know nothing about the project yet, I've put the discussion behind a jump and placed it behind a "spoiler" block (you have to hover the mouse over it to see it).

Warning! Here be spoilers! (just in case you didn't see the first warning)...

I'll put all this in the form of a bunch of "what-if" statements.

What if you had been killed in some major disaster, along with many others—and somehow managed to come back from death (again, along with many others)?

What would you do if you discovered that you and the others like you were now fundamentally different from everyone else—and not just by dint of having come back from the dead?

What would others do if they realized you were not supposed to be alive — that you felt the life you had was at the expense of things you never wanted to take?

What if your new lease on life was threatened by something that might drag you (and maybe only you) back down into death again? How hard would you fight to continue to hang on to life?

It sounds a bit cheesy when I type it all like that, I confess, but it was this exact phrasing that allowed me to snap everything together. Before I put it in those words, all I had was a grab bag of possibilities and no real end-to-end assembly for them all. Plus, most any story is going to sound goofy when you boil down it to just a couple of sentences. Especially if you're the author.

And if you want more than this, you'll just have to wait. The above will only make the most sense when it's actually in context .... but dang, I love a good teaser.

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