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One of the defects of JustTheDisc, despite my undying love for it, is how anything with a Japanese title is rendered incorrectly. Whenever such a thing shows up, you have to do a lot of "reverse engineering" (read: blind guesswork) to find out what some of those things are. It's like an intelligence test: if you pass, you get rewarded with some amazingly rare and wonderful material.

During my last buying spree, I came across something with the title J.A.??????~??????. I wondered if this was a J.A. Seazer release — yes, he of the Utena soundtracks and one of the bigger swathes of Japanese underground psychedelia this side of Keiji Haino and Fushitsusha. I was familiar with him long before Julian Cope's Japrocksampler sold me on the necessity of having at least one of his albums around the house, but his stuff has been terribly pricey and goes in and out of print the way the moon changes phases.

Purchase on AmazonThe only way I could even begin to guess which disc it might be was to count the track numbers, count the characters in each track, and compare them against everything in his discography that might match the title in some fashion. Try to imagine my shock when I realized it was Kokkyou Junreika (国境巡礼歌), one of his most sought-after and blitzed-out records — copies of which routinely change hands for $100 or more. And here I was staring at a copy for $3 — granted, without the cover art, but who cared? And even if it wasn't that disc, $3 was not a big gamble to take.

The order showed up yesterday. My guesswork paid off. I'll be writing a review of the disc sometime this weekend.

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