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Me and the missus caught a whole buttload of commercials and trailers for $10 each, at the local multigigaplex. Oh, and there was a free movie, too: Quantum of Solace. It was a good-if-somewhat-shy-of-great followup to Casino Battle Royale — you know, the Bond movie where he ends up on the island with all those high school students all rigged to explode if he says the word "Moneypenny."


For a movie that runs 1h 45m including credits, it was surprisingly jammed and edited for maximum density. I was genuinely unsure when I could safely sneak out to the bathroom, but my timing turned out to be spot-on: I left and came back during one of the two or three lulls in the whole movie.

There was no J.J. Trek trailer attached to the print I saw, amazingly. There were trailers for Valkyrie (which looked mighty neefty, Tom Cruise notwithstanding) and the new Will "Serious As An Academy Award" Smith flick Seven Pounds.

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