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Those of you in the U.S. reading this, you know what that's all about — but I'll elaborate anyway. I spent today with the folks — it was a small but wonderfully arranged Thanksgiving dinner, with only myself, my wife, my parents, a friend of theirs (Betül) and her parents as well. Things were made all the more amusing by the fact that Betül's parents didn't speak English, but she was happy to provide a running translation in both directions for all of us. The best highlight of the evening in this respect was when my wife talked about the very last time she ever worked in retail (it's a potential story for the Customers Suck LiveJournal community, let me put it that way).

We went back home happy, stuffed, and almost needing a trailer hitch to carry back all the leftovers we were given. And since I was smart enough to do most of my holiday shopping across the course of the year, I'm spending tomorrow getting caught up on my reading and DVD watching, neener neener.

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