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Some stuff from the link backlog:

  • One of two reviews of Roberto Bolaño's mammoth 2666, which I eventually intend to read after I finish getting through The Savage Detectives. That book's slow going not because it's bad, but because it's so good: you want to chew and savor every sentence and make it last as long as humanly possible.
  • A review of Into the Picture Scroll, a fascinating-sounding film about the way the arts influence each other and interpenetrate. All the more interesting since the picture scroll in question is the story of (who else?) Ushiwakamaru a/k/a the young Yoshitsune, avenging his mother's fate at the hands of the Taira.
  • Speaking of Ushiwakamaru, apparently there's a very good sushi place in the city by the same name. I've made a mental note to stop by there.
  • The long, long out-of-print Listen Up! The Lives Of Quincy Jones is coming back out on DVD. I hung onto my LaserDisc copy for years, in fear that this would never be reissued, but Warner Brothers has seen fit to make us happy people once again. (Minor gripe: the lack of the original, extremely striking poster artwork which was deliberately designed to look like a misprint and also echoes the movie's deliberately jittery visual and editing aesthetics.)
  • A new theory of mental disorder blames an imbalance of inherited genetic dispositions for many of the things that can go wrong. As with most theories this bold, the truth probably consists of some piece of this rather than the whole, but the conceit alone ought to draw plenty of dialogue. I wonder what Oliver Sacks would think of this.

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