Lost And Found -- Mostly Lost

Attention everyone who was at AnimeFest 2008 and came my way:

Sometime between 2PM Sunday afternoon and the following Monday, my camera went missing. The camera in question was a Canon PowerShot A560, with a small silver "REWARD" sticker on the side. The sticker has a serial number (which I will not reveal here to avoid abuse).

I have already talked to the convention staff, the hotel management, many of the people I dealt with that evening (including the folks who were up in my room that night and might have mistakenly packed the camera in with their things), the trash cans in the room, the restaurant we ate at that night, etc., etc. Nothing has turned up.

I am not as upset about the loss of the camera as I am the pictures that were on the memory card — I had shot quite a few photos and videos that day, and would have liked to include them in my collection.

If you have any ideas, information, leads, what have you, please get in touch via the feedback form for this post. There is a reward for the return of the camera, so if you are aware of its location, please keep this in mind.

Thanks to everyone who might be able to help!

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