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Backup Dept.

You probably noticed I posted a bunch of new stuff in the Movies department — it's actually backlog that I had piling up and wanted to get published before it got too stale.

Much of the tinkering that has been going on behind the scenes here at Genji Press has been about making it easier to post things like that. It used to be a terrible pain to get movie reviews formatted and posted, but thankfully I've streamlined things enough to remove most of the gruntwork. (The slowest part is dealing with the images, but Irfanview helps with that a great deal.)

One interesting trick I've found is to pick a movie (or a book, or what have you) and write one paragraph per day for it. Since such things don't tend to weight in at more than a thousand words tops, I can usually crank out one or more a week by following this method. That was, in fact, what I did this time out and it worked spectacularly well.

Some of the other stuff floating around in various stages of completion that I'll turn back to: The Face of Another, Shinobi no Mono, Space Is The Place, the recent live-action Sukeban Deka remake (there's no way I couldn't talk about that after doing Machine Girl!), Death Trance, and all the stuff I finally have time for from my NetFlix queue: Zebraman, Seijun Suzuki's Taishō Trilogy (pretty fitting considering this year's NaNo project), and maybe some of the "pinky violence" movies that I never got to in my queue.

I'm also throwing in the BD versions of Sarah Connor Chronicles and Heroes Season 1 (yes, I'm horribly behind), since the former isn't available as Watch Now and the latter will be well worth it in HD. I don't think I'll be writing those up, just watching them, but they'll be well worth the time either way.

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