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The Postman Rang Twice

No, seriously. First he showed up with the regular mail, and then he showed up with a big ol' carton full of copies of The Four-Day Weekend, for sale at AnimeFest 2008.

The books looks great — with one minor (and I do mean minor caveat): the front cover is slightly misaligned. It's not fatal; it just means I'll have to fix it when I get back — and since this is on-demand publishing, it means the fix will take a total of ten minutes and one file upload. (As one of my friends put it, this means the first batch is all the more unique.)

Also, this is probably the last batch of books I'll be selling that will have the Glinebooks appelation — after this, it'll be Genji Press all the way. Once I get a logo design together for it, that is.

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