Recently, On Amazon Pt. 1

  • An Actor's Revenge (titled here Revenge of a Kabuki Actor) is finally getting a U.S. release thanks to the good folks at AnimEigo. They've done really splendid gap-filling work when it comes to domestic editions of classic samurai titles, and the only way we've been able to see this one at all for the longest time was as a region 2 PAL import. (Incidentally, check out this awesome French poster for the film.)
  • The mere fact that Yoshitaka Amano has directed a live-action version of Natsume Soseki's Ten Nights of Dreams is enough to make me run out and get it. I hope I can ask Amano-sensei in person about the film at NYAF.
  • A U.S. version of Tokyo Zombie? Oh, heck yes! (Sorry, no cover art yet, but if they don't give it something memorably ridiculous, they're missing a bet.)
  • And ditto a U.S. version of Sukeban Boy, from the same madmen who gave us Machine Girl, which is this close to eclipsing SARS Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisisas my new movie for creating instant brain damage in friends and family.

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