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  1. After a bit more tire-kicking I've upgraded to the newest pre-release beta of Movable Type 4.2, which fixed some issues I was having with cached templates not rebuilding correctly. I'm still tweaking some of the template layouts as well, so you might see some minor shifting-around of things in the weeks to come.
  2. OSCON is next week in Portland, OR. I'll be attending in my official work capacity and covering the show in depth. And checking out Powell's Books, time permitting!
  3. An excerpt or two from Four-Day Weekend, along with a FAQ page for same, should be going up by the end of July. I'm also trying to knock together some cover art for it as well, and put up links and notes about the other books that are available from my back catalog. A lot of this was incumbent on MT 4.2 getting stable, and now I think I've reached a point where there will be no more really major architectural changes in my setup. (A man can dream.)
  4. You've probably seen the trailer for Watchmen by now. If you haven't, get your butt over to the Apple Quicktime site and get excited. The Dark Knight will have to wait until I get back from my trip, but it's on the list of things to do, trust me (along with Hellboy 2, and WALL·E and Kung Fu Panda, and...)
  5. The kind folks at Vertical sent me a number of books I'm trying to get caught up on: Lala Pipo and Parasite Eve are the two biggest, and I'm hoping having a five-hour flight will give me a chance to get caught up on my review material.
  6. Back earlier in the week when I was with my folks to celebrate Mom's 64th birthday, I stopped on through The Strand and found some goodies cheap: Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Goodbye (third anthology of manga from this master, courtesy of American "serious comics" publishers Drawn & Quarterly); Peter Biskind, Gods and Monsters (anthology of writing about film); Complete Writings of Mencius (includes Chinese text and English translation); Claymore 1-3; and Yukio Mishima's Madame de Sade.

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Next: *Phut* Dept.

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