Black Magic

There’s no question in my mind that Dark Horse is doing the rightthing by remastering and reissuing their back catalog of MasamuneShirow titles: Orion, Dominion, Ghost in the Shell.There’s also no question in my mind that Shirow’s books are a wildlyuneven lot, and that’s why Dark Horse’s recent reissue of Shirow’s Black Magic is only of value to those who want every single one of his titles in a row on their shelf.

Magic isprobably the earliest of Shirow’s works to be released in English, andits primordiality shows in every respect—artwork, storytelling,conceptualization, humor, the whole tamale. If nothing else it’sinteresting because it shows how even in his earliest stages as acreator, Shirow suffered from the same limitations that also inhibitedhis later and more polished works. He spun out nigh-incomprehensibleplots that seemed to be used more for atmosphere than actualstorytelling; he created characters who were little more thanmouthpieces of one variety or another; and he never met a whacked-outtheory he didn’t like.

Tags: Masamune Shirow manga

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